Laboratory Medicine

Our Laboratory at AUM has facilities for Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Pathology. Special investigations for renal diseases is a highlight of this laboratory. It has a complete laboratory set up with auto analysers and is well equipped with fully automated machines with state of art technology. The Laboratory is designed to serve our expert physicians and its patients, by providing a more intimate relationship between clinical diagnostic testing and the physician's office by foloowing Iso Guidelines of Constant training, higher reporting standards, computerized data management, adherence to strict protocols and quality management.

Our team comprises of a dedicated & professionally qualified pathologist & microbiologogist


  • Division of Hematology, Immunohematology and Coagulation
  • Division of Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology and Serology
  • Microbiology including Mycobacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology
  • Division of Clinical pathology

Division of Hematology, Immunohematology and Coagulation

  • This division helps in diagnosis of Anemia, Leukaemia and various reasons for Low platelet count.
  • The division is well equipped with automation which helps in screening for malaria, dengue fever, hemolysis and early diagnosis of sepsis.
  • Bleeding disorders like hemophilia and hypercoagulability states (thrombophilia) like Deep vein thrombosis can be diagnosed with help of automated Coagulometer. Individual Factors like Protein C. Protein S and Anti-Thrombin III detection with help of mixing tests facilitates this.


  • Differential Hematology Analyzer- Capable of Performing Cell counts of blood, body fluids, reticulocyte and Immature Granulocyte. (Sysmex 4000i , 2000i)
  • Coagulometer- delivers Coagulation tests like PT, PTT, etc. (CA 500 and CA 1500)
  • ESR Machine

Division of Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology and Serology

  • Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes, obesity and Osteoporosis is easily done as the laboratory run fully automated Chemistry and Immunoassay analyzers.
  • Thyroid disorders are also easily managed by biomarkers for these conditions.
  • The division runs a host of tumor markers, hepatitis markers, critical care markers like Procalcitonin, proBNP to help screen, diagnose the disease. Early markers for sepsis like Pro-calcitonin, Immature Granulocyte fraction are available to help decide on early blood culture and reduce utility of antibiotics.
  • The division performs measurement of proteins like c3, c4,ASO,CRP,Immunoglobulins, Free light chains, Beta 2 microglobulin which helps in diagnosis of various autoimmune disease, Myeloma and renal disorders.

Division of Clinical pathology

The division has an integrated approach to analyze the entire urine and nor individualized tests. The division also performs screening tests for inborn errors of metabolism, Myogloblin and Bence Jones protein. The division also handles Stool analysis, Occult blood detection , semen Analysis and Body fluid examination.

Microbiology including Mycobacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology

The division helps diagnosis early infection by using automated blood culture system.

  • The Antibiotic Sensitivity pattern is run on Automated Sensitivity detector which helps in diagnosis of the rare bacterial infection and the most dreadful MRSA.
  • Mycobacteriology helps in diagnosis of TB producing organisms and also runs Gamma Interferon Assay for TB which is done only in a few centers to detect Active Tuberculosis.
  • Stool analysis is performed to pick up Parasites and the most Critical Clostridium difficult infection which can be life threatening.