Center for Obstetrics & Gynecology

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We provide excellent treatment and care for patients with normal and high-risk pregnancies. We address a wide range of gynecologic and women's health concerns, including: Breast Care, Endometriosis, Family Planning, Fertility & Reproductive Health, Cancer, Hysterectomy Alternatives, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Routine Gynecologic Care and Vulvar Diseases.

We combine our compassion, experience and our resources to provide great care, excellent medical education and groundbreaking research.

AUM Hospitals has just opened a brand new Birthing Center! Every woman, throughout her life, will have many questions about how to best manage her health. Each stage in a woman's life brings with it specific issues, including decisions about routine care, birth control, fertility issues, pregnancy and menopause. Women need to feel they have a trusted advocate and partner to help them navigate through often confusing messages about women's health.

Labor and Delivery room at the new Birthing Center

AUM offers a broad spectrum of women's health care services - from yearly checkups and prenatal care to specialized gynecologic care. Our physicians are respected experts in all areas of women's health.

Our physician's wide-range of expertise coupled with our state-of-the-art technology and world-renowned research that affects patient care across the globe, makes John Hopkins the obvious partner for protecting and preserving your health - at any age.

High-risk Pregnancy unit

Maternal-Fetal Medicine refers to the specialized care of pregnant women and their fetuses. Our doctors are experienced in a wide variety of complex maternal-fetal conditions and will partner with you to keep both you and your baby healthy.

It is our goal at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit to care for normal pregnancies as well as those who are at high-risk. Our doctors carefully monitor and evaluate women throughout their pregnancy till the time of delivery at AUM.

Conditions evaluated and/or treated may include:

Maternal conditions and concerns, including:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Preeclampsia (toxemia)
  • Maternal metabolic diseases, including diabetes (both pregestational and gestational types)
  • Infectious diseases (including parvovirus, toxoplasmosis, hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS)
  • Platelet alloimmunization (NAIT or FMAIT) (e.g. an Rh negative mother sensitized to an Rh positive fetus)
  • Maternal lupus (collagen vascular disorder)
  • Poor obstetrical history (e.g. past preterm deliveries, preterm labor, preterm cervical dilatation, premature rupture of membranes, repetitive pregnancy loss)
  • Multiple gestation (twins and higher order multiples)
  • A known/suspected fetal anomaly
  • Suspected abnormal fetal growth
  • Macrosomia (a large baby)
  • Fetal growth restriction (a baby that is too small)
  • Maternal family history of: Cardiac disease Renal disease Gastrointestinal disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Prenatal genetic testing and consultation.

AFP (alpha fetoprotein) blood test (including the suspicion of a neural tube defect) Antenatal serum screening (triple screen/quad screen) with an increased risk/suspicion of a chromosomal abnormality such as Trisomy 21 [Down syndrome], Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18 The need for invasive fetal testing procedure(s) or other utero therapeutic techniques (i.e., blood sampling/transfusion, platelet infusion, fetal bladder stent placement, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis (amnio) for maternal age or other factors.